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At just the tender age of 16 Sarah Dooley from Dublin Ireland is taking YouTube by storm. With over 1,700 subscribers and 224,000 views it’s no wonder that she is number 2 on the pop raver nation chart.

Sarah told me that ‘’My passion for singing just came out of nowhere I always loved music and would always listen to music and somehow any worries or cares seem to fade when I listen to it.’’

Sarah was just 14 when she decided to start covering songs and place them on YouTube.

‘’My mum overheard me and ran up the stairs and asked me to repeat the song I had just sung and said OMG Sarah you have a voice and booked me into my first recording studio… Since then I have never looked back.’’

Sarah counts Christina Perri as her inspiration due to her passion and hard work that she puts into her music. Sarah described that she covers songs that suit her voice but also she likes to cover the songs that she likes to singing along to.

I asked her would she ever consider entering X Factor and she replied ‘’No I have entered one competition and I got through to the Semi Finals of the All Irelands where I got knocked out….. it has knocked my confidence for six …’’ I was shocked when Sarah admitted that her fear of the music industry was holding her back.

‘’A singing career would be perfect but on the other hand I feel I may not be able to handle the slating and abuse that comes with been successful. But hopefully when I am mature and wiser I would be able to handle it.’’

With her YouTube channel views always on the rise Sarah is humble for the lovely comments that are posted about her singing. The fact that her cover of Rihanna’s Stay has soared past the 100 thousand mark she was shocked by the reaction ‘’I remember saying to myself my goal was to get at least 100,000 on one of my covers and without thinking about it has risen quite quickly and still continues to rise.’’

Asking Sarah of the chance of hearing original material on YouTube she admitted she has always wanted to write her own material. ‘’I have tried and nothing I guess the time is not right yet and maybe when I am older and experience relationships I will be able to write my own music.’’

Sarah told me how she doesn’t play any music instruments but that she would love to. She admitted that she tried to learn the keys for Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri and she ‘’found it came quite easily to me’’. Maybe a video of her guitar learning skills may appear on YouTube one day.

Sarah is also an avid Irish dancer but admitted that she will never mix the two together. ‘’They both mean different things to me and give me totally different feelings’’. Having been dancing since the age of 9 and winning the Dublin’s, Leinsters (twice), All Irelands and the Words it’s a wonder how Sarah fits in anytime for signing.

‘’It’s the only thing that keeps me going. (dancing) But it’s nice to know that I have talent in singing also and maybe one day my future will be singing who knows.’’

In ten years’ time Sarah hopes to be successful happy and living in L.A. ‘’I would love to inspire people in whatever path I take.’’ If her voice is anything to go by this young Irish girl has a very bright future in front of her.

Everybody is aware of the hit Disney trilogy High School Musical (HSM) which dominated TV screens, CD sales, merchandises and eventually cinema screens over the three year franchise.  Critics called it the modern Romeo and Juliet with a twist to tell the youth generation not to stick to the status quo.

This text resembles Leavis approach on popular culture. Leavis always stated that film plays on ''cheap responses''. HSM does just that. The film is loaded with experiences that relate to its target audience with school years and the problem they face through peer pressure, self esteem cliques etc tat are explored throughout the three films.

These are emotions that the ordinary teen of today's society go through. They react to these responses that are cheap as they know that the young generation will lap it up and make Disney money by buying into the franchise.It can be argued that people learn to adapt the social norms of high school and accept what will be. There is also another argument that HSM does not portray real life.

When you think about it it is a little far fetched. Who would meet a guy on a holiday end up singing karaoke with him and then be transferred to a new school to become childhood sweethearts. That stuff only ever happens in Disney and Leavis theory of film by ''not learning, just watching'' could not be further from the truth for this particular Disney franchise.

So i had my iPod on shuffle and bam Gavin De Graw '' I don't want to be'' came on. There in my bedroom I stood still shocked to the core. It was only a couple of hours ago my lecture was telling us to be aspiring media people. I mean I have always had dreams and goals but they were pushed to the back of my mind as life in uni took hold.

Here I was listening to the sog and One Tree Hill popped into my head (for those who dont know it was the theme tune for all 9 seasons'' and there was always one quote from that show that always stuck out to me ''you might wanna take a long hard look in the mirror and see if the person looking back at you is the kind of person you want to be'' said by Kieth Scott. It got me thinking yes i am the person I want to be but I don't have the job I want as of yet. See I am an aspiring magazine journalist with dreams of having a number one best seller.

In 6 months time I will be entering my final year of degree scary thoughts right there people. That is where it all begins for me to start on the road to  success and my chosen path way. In the meantime I will be doing all the placements in the industry that I can.  In 2 years time I hope to be in a magazine in London doing what I love. Writing is my passion and I know I wont stop until I do it for a living.

The ultimate goal in ten years time I hope to have my own music magazine that is on all the shelves around the UK and Ireland. For that to happen I have to ''dream big young and old and Dare to fail''. Its my time to shine so watch this space because I'm coming up........

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