So i had my iPod on shuffle and bam Gavin De Graw '' I don't want to be'' came on. There in my bedroom I stood still shocked to the core. It was only a couple of hours ago my lecture was telling us to be aspiring media people. I mean I have always had dreams and goals but they were pushed to the back of my mind as life in uni took hold.

Here I was listening to the sog and One Tree Hill popped into my head (for those who dont know it was the theme tune for all 9 seasons'' and there was always one quote from that show that always stuck out to me ''you might wanna take a long hard look in the mirror and see if the person looking back at you is the kind of person you want to be'' said by Kieth Scott. It got me thinking yes i am the person I want to be but I don't have the job I want as of yet. See I am an aspiring magazine journalist with dreams of having a number one best seller.

In 6 months time I will be entering my final year of degree scary thoughts right there people. That is where it all begins for me to start on the road to  success and my chosen path way. In the meantime I will be doing all the placements in the industry that I can.  In 2 years time I hope to be in a magazine in London doing what I love. Writing is my passion and I know I wont stop until I do it for a living.

The ultimate goal in ten years time I hope to have my own music magazine that is on all the shelves around the UK and Ireland. For that to happen I have to ''dream big young and old and Dare to fail''. Its my time to shine so watch this space because I'm coming up........

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Looking at all the music magazine on the shelves in a shop can be mind boggling at the best of times, let alone trying to figure out what genre your music fits into. I’m going to give you two genres of music that gives you three examples of magazine titles that will aid your band/artists.

Look at Frantic Jack an unsigned acoustic rock band from Ireland, struggling to get recognised here are my examples of title that will be of interest to them. 

  1. 1.      LocalMusic Review Unsigned (MRU).  Catering for unsigned music artists from around the world this online music magazine would be ideal for the band. With MRU catering for all genres of music Frantic Jack would fit the requirements. The publicity could generate word of mouth for the band.

  1. 2.      NationalHot Press Magazine. Nationally available across Ireland and the popular culture that is drawn upon by the magazine Frantic Jack will be perfect for the magazine. As Frantic Jack has a popular following in Ireland Hot Press would easily include a feature interview on the band leading to publicity.

  1. 3.      InternationalKerrang Magazine. Hard as it is for Frantic Jack to receive international exposure due to them been unsigned Kerrang would be ideal for their acoustic rock genre that they place themselves in. As a specialist magazine for the rock genre it will open them up to new audience.

Take One Direction the biggest boy band in the world right now. Falling into the popular culture genre they will have ease finding publications to cater for them as a band.

  1. 1.      LocalThe Sun Newspaper. As part of the popular culture of celebrities that the Sun newspaper has incorporated into their news policy it makes an excellent choice for One Direction. With this title they can maker front page news and gain valuable support on a local level with The Sun been locally available across the UK.

  1. 2.      NationalTop of the Pops Magazine. Specialising in popular culture and with boy bands always gracing the front page of the magazine One Direction will not be out of place. Targeted for pop music lovers on a national basis across the UK One Direction will gain more teenage girls to swoon over them.

  1. 3.      InternationalBillboard Magazine. One Direction are having amazing success in America and appearing in worldwide recognized Billboard magazine with be a huge boost for the band. Suiting the popular culture of the magazine their pop music would appear among the pages of the magazine. It would give them recognition and possibly a new fan base.

The point I’m saying is that there are many music platforms out there for artists these days many online and in print. The one thing to do is make sure that you can fir your music into a genre and always approach specialist publications with the hope getting some well worth publicity across various mediums.