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Culture and Anarchy by Matthew Arnold.

I usually don't respond to media texts that I read but I felt intrigued by some of the texts that I had read by Arnold. Culture and Anarchy is probably the most famous of his writings have been studied by scholars over the years since it has been published. The text was published during a time where education was only for the rich and his writings talked about restructuring England's social ideology which was unheard off of back then.

The one theme that stuck out in my mind when reading his work was that culture is seeking inward perfection and helps deal with the present difficulties in today's society.

''Culture, which simply means trying to perfect oneself and one's mind''

I don't agree with Arnold and this quote. I know that culture is a very hard word to define. I like to see culture as a sense of belonging and helping to express your identity not to perfect yourself. Arnold also argues that culture leads to perfection. Again I think these opinions are outdated.

Look at culture today, anybody of any culture attends education in today's society unlike when these texts where written. The books you read, the school you go to and the knowledge you have is down to the education and the work you put into your studies not your culture. Take reality TV as an example the mass media see it as part of a culture of the ''dumbed down society'' when really anybody could watch it even those people with first class degrees. Nobody is perfect so how Arnold sees culture as a way of perfection may have worked when education was just for the rich but in today's society when education in a tacitness his opinion is null and void.

Arnold also discusses that if there is no order there is no society in which he states ''without society there is no human perfection'' . To me Arnold was obsessed with human perfection through the means of culture. However i raise the question in a society were mistakes, unemployment and political corruption exist does perfection really exist? One thing I know is that culture does not define perfection and that perfection in the soicety that we live in today does not exsit. Would you really want to live in perfection becasue lets face we all learn mistake

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