We all know that Birmingham is the second city in England. Parker and Long during this reading look back at Birmingham and the new expanding waves of buildings that erupted since the 1960's.

''A series of 20th century  visions of what a good city should look like and how it should function are been buried''

That was the vision of the reading. That all these new buildings and the ever expanding roads are leading to Birmingham becoming a concrete maze. 

The images that the city center  now provide a narrative of the modernization both of what was set out to be achieved and what has been achieved.

Birmingham has progressed in everyday life and reinforce the image of the city. The image of Birmingham now is a Cosmopolitan city of Europe but Parker and Long describe it as a working class life located in a seedy mise-en-scene.

Birmingham is still in an ongoing transition and the building of East Side determines that. 

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