Media Research Methods by James Anderson. Chapter 15: Ethnographic Methods

Ethnographic is the study of observing something or something to gain a better understanding of something. For example a researcher looking into the trends of family TV consumption would conduct an ethnography research to gain valuable insight. In this chapter Anderson describes the trails and tribulations of ethnography as a research method.

This reading allowed me to understand ethnography research and it also made me aware of what to do for my field trip to a cultural space. During my visit to my cultural space I will be aware that i will be writing about the culture and observing why my chose space is a lace of culture.  I will be providing the narrative for people to understand why the space is culture and fill in the blanks for myslef and others.

'' We live in a socially implicated reality populated with semiotic objects that are constituted in the practices by which we engage them''

I will take into account this quote while conducting my ethnography research of my chosen cultural space. I will look out for how people engage with the space and ask them why it is a culture space to them.

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