Cinema is an industry. Economics has always played a part in the shaping of the of the film industry. The way that decisions are made to make a film can determine the way that film lovers and fans think about and talk about films. When the industry adapted to using merchandise as a way of marketing the film and also add to the revenue generated from the film. 

Look at how the globalization of the Hollywood film industry has changed the way we see cinema. In country after country the Hollywood experience took hold. Studios built multiplex theaters in foreign country's to guarantee enough screens to showcase the latest Hollywood films.

Studios began to outsource work from their US counterparts for cheaper production and labour causing a debate within the industry. Still today labour is more outsourced than people realise. Most of the budget for a film is now spent on the gaining of an international film star as their profile alone will generate people to flock to see the film.

A major part of the industry is the Blockbuster. Basically a film shown in different countries that generates hype and a load of money for the studio responsible. One of the first blockbusters ever released was the Godfather and to this day still is one of the best blockbusters to ever grace the cinema screen.

Peter Bart says
''Today a movie is unveiled, not with a quietly orchestrated build, but with a cosmic paroxysm, a global spasm of hype involing giant marketing partners like McDolands and a profile-gate network on the Super Bowl or the Olympics?''

Films are just another form of entertainment a mist amongst competitors and a money making scheme. The latest technology has lead to the studio and film makers reselling the film over and over again. The consumer will buy the ticket to see the film, buy the DVD, than buy the special edition and possibly the collectors edition to celebrate an anniversary of a film e.g. Grease 25th Anniversary Edition.

Directors are now been forced to leave things out and save them for the DVD. Therefor downgrading the film in order for the studio to release a product with unseen footage to have a unique selling point. In which film lovers will buy into and purchase the DVD.

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