It’s still clear to see that Pete is struggling to cope since the death of his brother Andrew. As the tour takes him to Leeds, Road Manager Carl plans a boys day out to em shoot pigeons. As the freezing weather gets a grip Pete isn’t in the mood.

We see Peter get his children ready for school and been the doting father that he is. He decides to visit Andrews grave were back in the car he completely breaks down. It’s a very sad moment that many viewers will fight to hold back the tears.

As his last gig of the tour comes to close we see all Pete’s family and friends turn up to a bitter sweet concert for him as the tour has been so successful but at one of the hardest and toughest times of his life.

 We see Pete head to Malta with girlfriend Emily to receive the award for Best International Artist at the Malta Music Awards. We see people appreciate him for his music as he performs and not just for his celebrity status.

As the episode closes we see Pete redecorate Andrews’s room as it holds to many sad memories. As he turns to daughter Princess for help we see a grief stricken Pete break down. An episode were we get to see a very vulnerable Pete where we all realise that while he is a celebrity he still is a normal person who is learning to deal with his grief after losing his brother.

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