Peter Andre is back and the cameras are on him once again with the return of his hit ITV 2 show, My Life. In this episode we see that Pete is still grief- stricken following the death of his brother Andrew, who untimely lost his battle with cancer last year.

We see Pete hit the road to finish the postponed dates of the arena tour that he cancelled due to Andrews’s illness and death. It’s just four weeks since Andrew passed away and we see Pete struggle through rehearsals and meeting his legions of adoring fans. The only solace he gets is when he performs on stage.

We see Pete brave his first public appearance since the death of his brother to the National Television Awards. But don’t fret he has his gorgeous girlfriend Emily by his side. We get to see the loving father that he is to his two children when they head out on a family trip.

As Pete heads to Bournemouth he meets a young girl who suffered from a life threating illness whose dying wish was to meet him, pushed him to breaking point which causes him to leave the room of the meet and greet. A scene that would even make a grown man cry. Never far away is the past as we see Pete having to make a comment on twitter that he hadn’t done any interviews or commented on the dilemma of Katie Prices new marriage.

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