In John Storey Cultural Theory and Popular Culture he sets out to try explain the term postmodernism.

Storey explains that the term 'post modern' started to circulate in the 1870's, It was not until the 50's and 60's that saw the beginning of what we as a cultured world understand the term to be. It can be argued that postmodernism shows that the distiction of th high and low cultures are failing to exist in the modern society. He relates it all back to the term of popular culture.

During the reading Storey introduces us to three main thinkers of the term 'post modern'.

The first been Jean François Lyotard,

''Knowledge is no longer seen as an end in itself, but as a means to an end''

From the quote I think that Llyotard is trying to admit that because of post modernism that we are living in anything goes culture, leading to a new way of modernism.
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Secondly were introduced to Jean Baudrillard who believes that there is little distinction between original and the copy. For example mass produced pop music has the same beat and rhythm but with different lyrics. Therefore been hard to distinguish been the original and the copy.

Baudrillard also introduced the word ''Hyper Realism''. This term means that the significance of fiction and reality is becoming less and less important in our culture. For example Soap Opera characters receive letters from fans with many starting campaigns when they don't agree with a story line. 

Finally we were introduced to Fredric Jameson,

''Postmodern culture is a culture of quotations that is cultural production born out of previous cultural productions''

From the quote Jameson is referring to the idea that we reuse ideas and texts from previous cultures thus making culture relate to capitalism.

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