Bringing back the retro ‘Barberpop’ sound from the 40’s while featuring a few beats of hip hop these 4 girls from Newcastle are onto something sweet.

The band is made up of 4 talented singers, Rachel Cook, Jennifer Davies, Zita Frith and Rosie Winter who have released their stunning 3 track EP, Barberpop. Filled with vocals that are pitch perfect and perfectly thought out beats it’s enough to get you hooked.

Each and every song on the EP flow into one another with ease, with lyrics that are bound to get embedded in your head. The girl’s voices blend so effortlessly together proving that these girls were born to sing together. The beats are funky and modern with the Barberpop style it’s enough to make you want to dance. There is defiantly room in the charts for these girls.  

The songs tell a story of love heartbreak and playing men at their own game which is exactly what ladies want to hear. Superb debuts from the new girls on the block. Keep an eye and ear out for these girls because I’m sure 2013 will be there year.

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