Supermodernity is the ability to understand, control and manipulate every aspect of human experience.  It is a modern concept that makes us look at things. The rise of technology has grown during the post modern era and we have learned more because of this. 

Supermodernity improves freedom through plausible truths, It leads to expanding wealth better living standards and media advances.

Key Theorists
  1. Marc Auge
  2. Sebastien Charles
  3. Terry Eagleton
Reading Lists

  1. M. Auge (translated by J Hove) 1995: Non Places: An introduction to an Anthropology of supermodernity.
  2. S. Charles 2007: Hypermodern Consumption and Megalomania: Superlutives in commercials. Journal of Consumer Culture: 9 307-327
  3. S. Charles and G Lipovetsky Hypermodern Times 2006
Media Text

The media text that supermodernity can relate to is Reveal Magazine. The reason supermoderinty belongs to this media text is due to ''ability to understand, control and manipulate every aspect of human experience''.

Reveal Magazine do this by knowing there audience. They know what their audience want to read therefore they will print what they want. Therefore becoming a bible among their readership.

Readers want to know what the latest celebrity diet is and how they can follow the trend hence Reveal writing stories about the lastest celbrity diet and how you can get that beach body by using Abby Clancy's latest get fit DVD.

This is the manipulation of the human experience.

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