I mean I had it all, the CD's, the t-shirts, the used up concert tickets and knew every single lyric like it was a meaning to my life. Posters of my beloved 5ive boys graced my bedroom walls wishing that one day I could marry 'ABS'.  So when ITV announced a new documentary that would see six of the biggest 90's band reunite I screamed with delight. (B*Witched, 911, Honzey, Liberty X, Atomic Kitten. 5ive) Suddenly the memories of my teeny bopper days were flashing before eyes. I may just be a little old to be classed as a teeny bopper these days but in my heart I will always be one. I mean this show is my culture and my identity it would just be wrong for me not to watch it. Been a teeny bopper gave me a sense of who I was that I belonged to this exclusive group that had a love for music and that these bands where my friends and my idols. I mean I cried when they split up I felt like I had gone through a break up when these bands called it a day. This documentary series relives them memories bringing me back to the good old days.

The point I just made was screened during the first episode of The Big Reunion when they showed fans reacting to the news that 5ive had split up. I will admit I sobbed liked a baby when that happened. The show also shows how fans felt like they had a particular connection to the band and even the performers agreed saying that there was nothing that they loved more than hearing their fans screaming their songs as they dance across the stage with the dodgy dancing that was fashionable back then.

So for the next couple of weeks as The Big Reunion plays out in front of my eyes I will sit there with my 5ive t-shirt on and relive my teeny bopper era that will forever be my identity and made me who I am today.

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